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Inviting partnerships with incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces,
angels and mentors

Enhance your capability, connections and cohorts

The Wadhwani Venture FasTrack (VFT), an invitation-only program, is focused on partnering with and supporting new and practicing incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces (Wadhwani VFT Partners) and individuals (mentors, investors, angels, ecosystem thought leaders) who want to achieve superior outcomes for their portfolio companies, such as better traction, higher survival rates, and funding opportunities.

Key Benefits for Partners

  • A Master Playbook, that provides templates for organizing and executing your entrepreneur support programs
  • Wadhwani Advantage Platform, a knowledge and connect platform for all stakeholders in the startup ecosystem
  • Training for program heads which facilitates peer learning and offers collaboration opportunities for all Wadhwani partners

Key Benefits for Portfolio companies

Portfolio companies participate in a tried and tested three months structured program followed by nine months of hand-holding support, aided with:

  • An extensive video-centric knowledge repository
  • Curated mentor/expert networks (Wadhwani Advantage Network), accessible through a frictionless, AI-enabled Wadhwani Advantage App

Eligibility Criteria

Prospective partners meeting any one of the following criteria are eligible to apply to the Wadhwani Venture FasTrack program:

  • Is a new or practicing incubator/accelerator/co-working space with an existing successful entrepreneur support program
  • A seasoned entrepreneur mentoring and supporting the startups
  • A corporate leader with substantial exposure to entrepreneurship/innovation

Program Partners

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