Have a validated business idea or a sustainable business model?

Aspiring for an ideal product-market fit?


Wadhwani Venture Fastrack

A 3-month accelerator program for entrepreneurs
in collaboration with strategic partners.


Get high quality strategic advice on business and technology

As an entrepreneur who is part of the Wadhwani Venture FasTrack program, you will get high quality advice on strategic business and technology either pro-bono or at a fraction of the cost compared to industry standards.

Key Benefits

  • Access to Mentors and Experts: For structured solutions to your business challenges.
  • Access to Consultants/Service providers: For cost effective, personalized business support services
  • Access to Investors: For your funding and expansion needs
    • Access to Wadhwani Advantage Platform: Based on our proprietary technology platform that will supports and connect you with peers, personalized resources and knowledge repository to help create sustainable ventures.

It also enables VFT partners to leverage the platform, manage cohorts and measure impact during the course of the program

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Eligibility criteria:

The VFT program focuses on two broad categories of startups under USD 1 M revenue:

Stage 1

  • 1-5 employees
  • Zero -$100K
  • Across Verticals / Vertical Agnostic

Stage 2

  • 5-25 employees
  • $100K -$M
  • Vertical focused